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Hacking at Libreoffice calc

Automated import crash testing in Libreoffice

I have been working recently on finishing the work on a python script for Libreoffice that automatically imports documents and tests if we crash there. The plan is to run this script automatically against all our bugzilla documents on a … Continue reading

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Why I contribute my changes to Libreoffice and won’t re-license them to a non-copyleft license?

So after reading several times on another mailing list that Libreoffice developers should relicense their patches to make them available to other descendents in the ecosystem I’m indirectly responding in this blog post and explaining why I contribute to … Continue reading

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Cppunit 1.13.1 Libreoffice version released

After our first cppunit release 1.13.0 has been released about two months ago I’m now proud to announce 1.13.1, a small bug fix release for the 1.13 line. You can find the release tarball at the cppunit freedesktop page. The … Continue reading

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Color scales and data bars

Color scales and data bars are one of our new features in Libreoffice 3.6 You can find more new and cool features in our Release Notes. But what are color scales and data bars? Color scales and data bars are … Continue reading

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Upcoming blog posts

I’ll going to write some blog posts here about my work in Libreoffice. There are some highly user visible topics like the color scales and data bars we added to 3.6 and some nearly invisble work like reworking the cell … Continue reading

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