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Hacking at Libreoffice calc

LibreOffice UI test tutorial (part 1): Adding a simple test.

After writing my last blog post about adding a simple Calc UI test I was thinking about the future direction of my documentation effort. As this documentation has to move to the TDF wiki at some point I was looking … Continue reading

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Writing a LibreOffice Calc UI test

After the blog post describing the design of the UI testing framework I wanted to quickly follow up with a post showing how to write a simple test. As is a bit expected (in the end I’m still a calc … Continue reading

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UI testing in LibreOffice

Anyone familiar with testing in LibreOffice knows that for a long time we have had one huge weak point in our testing infrastructure. Until now we were more or less unable to do any UI testing which means we had … Continue reading

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Crash reporting for LibreOffice

Starting with LibreOffice 5.2 the LibreOffice project will have an automated crash reporting tool with server side analysis of the reports. This has been active in the builds since and was really working since beta 2. You can find … Continue reading

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Short update about the performance testing

I recently wrote a blog post about the performance testing in LibreOffice. This post will give a short update and show how our performance testing has helped to find a number of performance problems in LibreOffice Calc. If we look … Continue reading

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Performance tests are now executed regularly in LibreOffice

Someone following the LibreOffice development closely might know that we have actually two types of performance tests. I’ll will talk mostly about the newer in-tree tests but will also give a short explanation of the out-of-tree tests to explain the … Continue reading

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Help for the VBA export work

So Rosemary has been working on one of my core hacks (actually she is the first to work on any of our core hacks, so congratulations for that), namely the VBA export to OOXML. The missing VBA export is one … Continue reading

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