Help for the VBA export work

So Rosemary has been working on one of my core hacks (actually she is the first to work on any of our core hacks, so congratulations for that), namely the VBA export to OOXML.

The missing VBA export is one of the old limitations of our OOXML filter. While we are able to save the unchanged stream back to an OOXML file we can’t save any modifications at the moment. With Rosemary’s work this will hopefully change in 5.1 and we will no longer loose macro changes when saving to OOXML.

To make sure that we deliver a good new feature it would be awesome if some of you who have real VBA documents can send a few to libreoffice.vba.export !at! gmail dot com. Currently we are using a few simple self generated documents but they surely miss a lot of the real world corner cases. This includes especially Excel functions defined in VBA and their use case. While I’m reading the VBA and the OOXML spec I ha to discover that MSO documents don’t completely follow the spec.

I’ll write a more detailed blog post once this feature hits master and I have an idea which features we can preserve during our export.


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2 Responses to Help for the VBA export work

  1. Rick says:

    Are you still working on VBA conversion to Libreoffice basic? I have an Excel spreadsheet which has a good bit of code (including 10+ forms) which I am thinking of converting to LO Basic. You can have a copy if you wish…it may still be buggy, but all major bugs are gone….

    • No. The VBA export for calc documents should work fairly well in 5.2 and 5.1 but I currently have no time to improve the VBA support itself. When I come back to this feature I would most likely look into the problems around VBA export in writer and some of the currently not completely implemented export features.

      However you can still open bug reports with any VBA feature that is not working right now. Best to add a minimal reproducer document.

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