Guadec 2014

I had the privilege to attend GUADEC this year and speak about Libreoffice. I was really impressed by the conference and enjoyed the beautiful city of Strasbourg and the nice Gnome community.

My talk was about Resuing Libreoffice in your application and centered mainly around LibreOfficeKit, “The Document Liberation Project” and new features in Libreoffice 4.3.


The next conference that I will attend will be the LibreOffice conference in Bern, Switzerland where I will give presentations about OpenGL in Libreoffice, recent development in charts and automated testing.



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2 Responses to Guadec 2014

  1. GT says:

    Thanks for the update on your work and the GUADEC slides. I really look forward to the new OpenGL features in LibreOffice. I read about the time-based charting and the GL-chart. Sounds very exciting. I was looking for screenshots or a screencast about what will come, but so far, I couldn’t find any more information (the video of your last conference’s (was it FOSDEM?) talk on time-based charting unfortunately did not work on their website). Do you have anywhere already screenshots or a screencast about these features?
    By the way, does the heavily improved support of OpenGL also affect the 3D slide transitions in Impress for Windows? In the bug entry by Thorsten Behrens wrote “just someone needs to hook up the windows opengl specifics (wgl) here: slideshow/source/engine/OGLTrans/win/”

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