Cppunit 1.13.2 released

The new cppunit release which is just a minor update brings mainly support for 64bit Windows builds and fixed some packaging bugs related to the Visual Studio project files. For Linux/Unix users the only change is that we report dlopen errors now correctly thanks to a LibreOffice patch.

Please report bugs and feature requests to the freedesktop bugzilla or the developer mailing list. More information including the MD5 hash can be found on the project page.


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7 Responses to Cppunit 1.13.2 released

  1. Deff says:

    Hi, does this mean that after a 64-Bit LibreOffice for Linux and Mac, there could be also a 64-Bit LO for Windows in version 4.2?

  2. ssaku says:

    I have problem with qt cppunit. I can’t build it

  3. JonT says:

    Thanks muchly for continuing to maintain the windows port.
    – JonT

    A couple of nitpicks.

    1) Bump the CPPUNIT_VERSION number in

    2) A few more things to “ignore” in the .gitignore file

    # these are Visual Studio Specific

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