Cppunit 1.13.1 Libreoffice version released

After our first cppunit release 1.13.0 has been released about two months ago I’m now proud to announce 1.13.1, a small bug fix release for the 1.13 line. You can find the release tarball at the cppunit freedesktop page.

The changes against 1.13.0 are rather small:

  • a fix for a crash happening when mixing different gcc versions and demangling fails (fdo#52539)
  • using portable way to include header for free (fdo#52536)

Thanks especially to Andriy Gapon for the bug reports and the bug fix.
Please report all bugs you find with this release to bugs.freedesktop.org under the Libreoffice component.


About Markus Mohrhard

Hacking at Libreoffice calc
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